How Many Orgasms Can a Woman Have In a Day

When it comes to female orgasms, the sky is the limit, there is no defined number, as each woman is unique, each intercourse is unique and the possibilities are endless. A woman may have many orgasms a day; however, some say that if a man can manage to make them have only one is already a great thing.

how many orgasm in a day

As each woman is different, so are the many variations on how to achieve orgasms, however there are no rules. Speaking to all men, they should pay less attention to her screams and more to the breathing; see if there are tremors on the body (a type of trembling) during orgasm and, soon after, a languor and relaxation.

Especially watch for the vagina: does it contract naturally at the time of orgasm, one, two, three times? When you pay close attention, you can feel it easily. It is similar to say that it “bites” your penis. So, there is no mistake there. You made your partner the happiest woman in the world.

Multiple orgasms

Women have a clear advantage in sex, which comes down to two words: multiple orgasms. While men need to take a break from one ejaculation to another, they can climax several times in a row. There are even women who still have a super power: to enjoy 100 times in a row.

Multiple orgasms, as the name implies, happens when a woman enjoys more than once in sequence. The interval between one orgasm and another varies on each woman and can take seconds or minutes. So, they not only can have many a day, but also multiple orgasm all the time.

Any woman has the ability to achieve multiple orgasm, provided that she continues to be stimulated and that she wants to continue, she will be having as many as she feels like having. However, some women may find difficult even to achieve a single one during the day.

Recent official studies have published some findings on surveys they have conducted to discover how many times a woman can have orgasms in a 24 hours period. They set up to answer this particular question. The results, published in an official medical journal, confirmed that any woman could dictate the number of times she can achieve orgasm.

This is also related to the fact that a man needs to perform at his best and a woman needs to be physically fit and with a lot of time in her hands… and elsewhere to achieve such a remarkable pleasure.

How many orgasms can a woman have in a day

Some well know studies did an assessment to prove that it is possible for a woman to have between 100 to 200 orgasms a day. They considered the premise of women having different types of orgasms. For instance, clitoris, vaginal and others types. Some women can actually achieve orgasm when intensively touched on the breasts and nipples. Other even enjoy a climax when kissed on the neck.

The study took in consideration all those intense pleasure manifestations and concluded that any woman may experience hundreds of orgasm in a day. Women also need less time to recover between orgasms, contrary to what happens to men.

The interesting part of this exercise is to talk about the possibilities. However, the quality of orgasms are also a fact of life. A good quality foreplay will determine, obviously, the time involved in the process. If it was great first time, second and third is just a matter of keep on doing the same thing.

Find the spot for an intensive pleasure and target your play. Men and women should be able to enjoy sex in a much broader perspective when trying new ideas. Be open and free to novelty, and if you really want 100 orgasms, please, make time for it. It is going to take you the whole day!

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